6 Best Chrome Extensions Every Developer Should Have 2019

we are going to discus about some of the most important google chrome extensions that every developer should use.

As a Developer we always wanted to be productive.But what happens is we take a lot of time identify or finish very simple and basic tasks.here we are going to introduce some best best chrome extensions in chrome webstore

The following list of extensions will let you increase your productivity if you are using google chrome. The Following list is my personal opinion and it will not have any rankings.

Window Resizer

Google chrome developer tool have this option on default .

However If you think this is not good enough and if it is not helping your work then this extension will help you a lot.

It is useful for web designers and web developers for testing their layouts on different browser resolutions.


Wappalyzer is a free plugin used to identify web technologies in a website. It detects ecommerce platforms, content management systems,web frameworks, server software, analytics tools and many more

It will help you a lot to study a website and plan your development acccordingly.By clicking the wappalyzer icon you will see all the details in a dropdown .

Json Viewer

As a developer, we will be working with API’s a lot. Reading Raw json data is like searching for a ring in the ocean. It will be easy for identify json elements from formated JSON file.. JSON Viewer used for printing JSON in most beautiful and minimalist way. features like

  • Syntax highlighting
  • 27 built-in themes
  • Collapsible nodes
  • Clickable URLs


Checkbot is a SEO,Web speed and Security Tester.It can check your website for deadlinks, website speed,and many other error within seconds.Checkbot is a powerful website auditor that can crawl 100s of pages in minutes for SEO, speed and security problems: identify broken links, duplicate titles,insecure password forms, redirect chains, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and more.


If you are a developer you should know how challenging is the testing process.Repeating the same process again and again for testing is a headache for most of the developers.

That’s where iMacros comes to help us.Using iMacros you can record the action you are doing and iMacros will repeat that step over and over again.

iMacros have many other features .You can read it on the iMacros page.


what is the easiest way to find out the fonts used in a webpage? Finding the Font by using the developer tools is painful if you have multiple fonts tofind.This will take you most of your time.we all know time is precious.

whether you are a designer or developer, the most complicated task is to find the right font.

Therefore ,with the WhatFont extension, you can find the name of the font used on any website. In this way, you can bring you the designing ability to another level.

Place your cursor on the text you want to find the type and name of the font. This is why you must install the extension and you will thank me later.


Don’t stop here .More extensions you use More productive you will become.

You can always use some extensions to ease your job

.However remember one thing-“Installing a new extension in google chrome is like someone eating your RAM”.

As a reason I recommend you – don’t install unnecessary extensions.

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