6 Mistakes Beginner Programmers Make

As a beginner, who just caught a bus to his dream destination- a Computer Programmer, never recognize the mistakes you make.
Even some experienced programmers make these kinds of mistakes. There are many common mistakes that programmers make. I will try my level best to make this article not technical as possible. Let’s have a look at 6 common mistakes a beginner programmer makes!

Asking For Help

Programming is not easy and it never will be . You may have doubts or even you are stuck at a point from where you cant proceed further.What you should do ?

You should reach out to somebody who may know how to solve the problem and guide you .But what almost all beginners do is they don’t ask for help.

As a new programmer, asking for help sounds like intimidating. No,this absolutely wrong.One of the best way to solve the problem is to get community help and get new friends around the world.

There are many programming Communities. Stack Overflow and Reddit is my favorite and I Recommend these 2 to my readers. Climb Down the ladder and then climb up even higher with help.

Consistent Code Writing

The habit of consistent code writing skill is always make it easy to other people who read your code after years .Even writing the code in a consistent way make the maintaining and updating of the code easier.

Inconsistent coding means –

  • Don’t have consistent indentation
  • Don’t use a clear convention for naming things
  • Don’t provide meaningful names for things
  • Don’t have meaningful but concise comments
  • And So on………..

Read My Python API Tutorial

Improper Naming

Naming things right is worth the effort you are taking.Giving appropriate names to variable and functions in your code will be easy enough to your understanding and those who read the code other than your self.

This can reduce a lot of time in maintenance because the maintainer of the code only needs to think less.

For example “pointerPosition” makes more sense than names llike “pp” or “position” etc.

I Know Everything Attitude

When you started programming you may feel that it is less frustrating.You guys don’d deal with complex programs in that period. As a reason there is a chance of building a I-Know-It-All Attitude inside you.

In order to get rid of this attitude what you should do is -Look into some complex project.Learn how that works . You will see that you don’t know many things.

You can get many complex projects in GitHub .If possible you can also contribute to the projects you may find interesting and in that way you can transform from beginner programmer to an intermediate or advanced programmer.


Provide Comments in the program is a part of consistent code writing skill.Then why is it here again?

Commenting your code is necessary and highly rewarding if done it right.

You can see 3 type of programmers in the world.

  • who add comments where it needed
  • don’t add comments at all
  • who add comments all over the programs –Over commenting

Don’t comment for following code.It is not needed at all.This might be a useful for people who are writing their firs program.

#seting  the value of  age integer to 21
int age = 21;

Learning Multiple Programming Languages The Same Time

I did this mistake when I started learning programming.There are lot of programming languages out there.C,C++,Python,Java, Lisp …….and an endless list.Which one you should study would be the first question you should ask if you want to start learning programming.

But things will change if you got an idea about programming.You may want to learn more and more.In this case Suppose you want to be a backend developer.You can choose python ,javascript ,golang,javascript and many more for this.You will face dilemma.

You will start searching “Which is the best Programming Language for Backend Development”.

You will get different opinions.But whatever you get stick to one particular language at a time. Don’t put your two legs in different boats.

You can always learn the second one after getting a grip in first programming language.


In Short these are the Most common mistakes almost every beginner programmer makes.So avoid these mistakes to become a successful or great programmer.

What do you think about this mistakes.Are there any other common mistakes that every one makes .

Also Let us know in the comment.Also share this to your friends and ask them for their opinion.Share the Love

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