debian .deb file install using eddy

How To Install .deb Files in elementary OS Juno

How to install .deb Debian file in elementary OS Drag and Drop the Debian file .The easiest way to install the Debian packages inside elementary OS

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How To Create Desktop Shortcuts And Icons In elementary OS

If you were a windows user and you switched to the elementary OS, One thing you will be very uncomfortable with will be the Desktop of elementary OS. You can’t…


ElementaryOS 5.0 Juno -How To Get Minimize Window Button

In default elementary OS does not come with minimise button .For some people it will be disturbing.I don’t know why didn’t they implemented it in default. Any way we can…


Elementary OS Juno – How To Open a Terminal From Inside A Folder

If you used ubnutu you may seen the open terminal link when you right click inside a folder and when you do that the terminal will have that folder as…


Elementary OS Juno Will Blow Your Mind-elementary OS Review

It is almost 8 year since the first release of the Elementary OS.Before It started as a theme and applications for ubuntu . Later it turned into it’s own Linux…