Elementary OS Juno – How To Open a Terminal From Inside A Folder


If you used ubnutu you may seen the open terminal link when you right click inside a folder and when you do that the terminal will have that folder as dirictory.

But in elementary os you don’t have that optioon default.But You can create a custom one .In this post we will see how to create a “Open Terminal” in the context menu.


Before starting,make sure that you have a text editor like gedit

If you don’t have any text editors,you can use nano or vim/vi .

You have to create a new file called openterminal.contract in theis location


[email protected]$  sudo nano /usr/share/contractor/openinterminal.contract

Then copy the following content into the file. You must have the administrative privileges to save the file. So don’t forget the SUDO

[Contractor Entry]
Name=Open terminal here
Description=Open terminal here
Exec=io.elementary.terminal -w %U

that’s it you have created a Open Terminal Here in the right click menu .

In most cases you It will work as soon as you made the change.If it didn’t works ,try logout from your computer.

Hope This Helps.

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