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It is almost 8 year since the first release of the Elementary OS.Before It started as a theme and applications for ubuntu . Later it turned into it’s own Linux Based distribution.

You will absolutely love this beautiful and elegant elementary OS,which is my favourite for the last 4 year.

From Jupiter, the first stable release of elementary to Juno, current stable release, it was a successful journey.Elementary OS 5 Juno includes major updates across several of these core apps .Juno is a solid Linux distro. It has many New features which are new in Juno and some updates from previous release Loki.

Elementary OS is made up of two main parts: the “desktop” which includes the core user experience, look and feel, and system pieces; and the apps that come with the OS out of the box.

1. AppCenter- Pay What You Want App Store

AppCenter is the built in app store for elmentary OS .All the apps are open source.All paid apps are offered with a developer provided price, but are ultimately pay-what-you-want.

2.Built-In Night Light

Even though working in the Dark condition is not Good,You may have to do that some time.So This feature will help you to reduce eye strain and other health problems.This feature let you to adjust the red and blue light composition . There are third-party apps that do this, but elementaryOS Juno now comes with the functionality out of the box.


3. Picture in Picture Mode

Do you watch videos while coding or working on something.Tired of clicking here and there, back and forth, aligning them side by side,Then this feature will help you a lot.

Just press Super + F (Super key means command key in mac or window key in windows ) and select the window or area you want to focus on, and a Picture-in-Picture preview pops up in the corner of your display. This preview is movable, resizable, always-on-top, and can move with you across workspaces. To close it, just hit the “X” at the top-left.

4. Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheat

It is the one of the most important feature that i use eveyday.Memorising evey shortcuts are very difficult for me .Elementary Os Juno will minimize our job by diplaying a screen overlay when we press the Super key. Many of the shortcuts which are displayed in the overlay are different from other commonly used shortcuts ,But all other common shortcutes work here also like Alt+ Tab,Alt +F4,etc…

5. Intelligent Panel

Something you’ll notice with certain wallpapers is a new translucent light mode. Previously, the panel had four states: transparent dark, transparent light, translucent, and maximized. In elementary OS 5 Juno, we’re splitting translucent out into translucent dark and translucent light.
If the top of your wallpaper is busy (high variations in contrast), the panel draws a translucent background. Now in Juno, the panel will detect if it’s drawing on a mostly light or mostly dark area, and shade the panel and foreground appropriately. The result is a panel that more closely respects the user’s preference for a light or dark desktop.

6. Semi Monthly Updates

Elementary Os will check the update on monthly basis. On the elementary Medium Page ,You can see the most recent changes changes and features

So , this is a operating system which is elegant and powerful. Elementary OS will provide you everything you want to get started.If you are a beginner or advanced linux user,elementary will make you comfortable in all ways.

So , what are you waiting for, Try out Elementary Os .


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