2 Email Services You Should Use Instead Of Gmail-Best Free Email Service Providers

Gmail is the biggest email client in the world.As we know Gmail is one among the number of services offered by google.Most of the people including me uses many google products ,which includes gmail,chrome,drive,docs etc.Did i forget Andorid to mention.Yes i did I use android in my day to day life

Even we use all thes google products , we heard many news about data privacy and issues .So this may be the right time to find an best alternative for Google Products.

This is the reason we are going to find an alternative for Gmail.

Life Without Google

Yes.It is possible.If you are looking for the best alternative to Google’s Gmail,here’s how to find one.

We are not Going to talk about Outlook and yahoo mail.Because these are all familiar to us and almost do what the gmail does

NB :These may miss many Gmail’s only features.eventhough they are best in many ways


Just like any other email service out there. Go to their ProtonMail Website,Signup for an account. Choose a Free plan .

That’s it .You are now a ProtonMailer.

But you have some limitations.You Can send only 150 Messages per day and have a storage of 500 MB.

Ok ,so far so good.Why it is more recommended?Is ProtonMail Better than Gmail.

I will say,Yes.

There are many unique builtin features in ProtonMail.

ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted service and no inforamtion is tracked by the service .

you can send email to people who are not using ProtonMail.Just create a password for your email and set a self distruct timer for your message.

By doing that your email will not exist on any server after the self distruction timer.You can read more Details about these features Here

PRIVACY POLICY – When you first visit the ProtonMail websit , you will see a rare tagline like heading .

Secure Email Based in Switzerland ProtonMail

Since it’s servers are based in Switzerland,a country having a great privacy policy -Swiss Privacy policy,Your data are very well protected.

In addition to the web-based email client, Proton Mail apps are also available for Android and iOS.All these apps have same security and encryption.


Tutanota webmail service primarily takes care of your privacy

I’ve been using Tutanota for over 6 months now and I am satisfied with the service. It is slick and It is also fast .It has a very good support team also.

Tutanota offers a high level of privacy. It is an ad-free, secure email service.

Tutanota automatically encrypts everything, ie, the entire mailbox and address book.

Tutanota claims that they will put an end to mass surveillance, which is done by many companies and with its easy-to-use encryption, it will bring safety for everyone.

They have also a premium plan,which is for just €1.20.As a result many free customers are turning to a paid member because of this low price and excellent service.

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There are many email services out there which are alternative to Gmail.Yandex,Outlook,yahoo Mail are some ofthem.

But what special in these 2 email service are their privacy policy.They are end-to-end encrypted and will not give you an headache worrying about your data.So Try a change.

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