How To Create Desktop Shortcuts And Icons In elementary OS

elementary OS desktop short cut

If you were a windows user and you switched to the elementary OS, One thing you will be very uncomfortable with will be the Desktop of elementary OS.

You can’t create shortcuts, new files or even a folder in the elementary OS by default. Another thing you can’t see minimize button in the windows you opened . i have already written a post on ElementaryOS 5.0 Juno -How To Get Minimize Window Button“.

Ubuntu supports this feature. you can create folders and new files in their desktop. Even though elementary OS don’t have any plans to include this feature in their coming releases.

But There is a simple way to do this. You don’t need to do anything in the terminal or edit any files. Just download an application called Desktop Folder and you are done.

elementary OS Deskop Shortcut

How To Create Desktop Shortcuts In elementary OS

As I said before you need an application called Desktop Folder to do this.You can download this application from the AppCenter or from GitHub

You can download it also from GitHub

It is a panel based solution for this problem.You can create multiple panel inside your desktop and add files and shortcuts in your preference.

There are many features apart from creating desktop shortcuts .


You can organise your desktop with panels that hold your things.

  • Access files, folders and apps from your desktop
  • Drop files, folders, links and .desktop launchers inside panels
  • Resize, position and color panels
  • Display photos and keep notes on your desktop
  • Reveal the desktop with ⌘-D

Download Desktop Folder

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