How To Install .deb Files in elementary OS Juno

debian .deb file install using eddy

Drag and Drop install .deb in elementary OS

Some elementary OS users are struggling to find a away to install .deb files in elementary OS Juno.

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What Is .deb File

.deb files is a file extension of the software package format for the Linux distribution Debian and its derivatives.

Most of the people suggest gDebi for quickly installing Debian (.deb) packages in Ubuntu and related Operating systems. But the problem is for many elementary OS users gDebi is not working properly.

However I also faced many issues with gDebi. I couldn’t install a single .deb package in my computer with gDebi. This is the reason I am writing this post and I hope this might help you.

We are going to use Eddy for installing Debian files.

How To Install Eddy

You can install Eddy from the App Center or from github source.

Installing Eddy From App Center

Inside elementary OS App Center search for eddy and the first result should be it . Click install and type in your authentication password if needed.

install .deb in elementary OS

Installing Using Terminal

sudo apt install eddy

Installing Eddy From Github

First you need to update your system

apt-get install git

Now You need to install some dependencies

 apt install valac libgranite-dev libpackagekit-glib2-dev libunity-dev

Above command will install the following dependencies

  • valac
  • gtk+-3.0
  • granite
  • packagekit-glib2
  • unity

Clone Repository From Github

git clone

cd eddy


meson build && cd build
meson configure -Dprefix=/usr

Installing and Executing

sudo ninja install

How To install .deb Packages Using Eddy

Eddy is a simple Debian package management tool in Elementary OS that allows installation of Debian .deb packages The tool can be installed straight from App Center platform or installed from source.

install .deb in elementary OS

Easy way to install Debian .deb files easily to your elementary OS or Debian based Operating System is to install it using Eddy.

You can install a .deb package using 3 method.

One method is to right-click the downloaded .deb package and open with Eddy. After opening Eddy clickinstall..

Another method is to open up Eddy and load the .deb package to Eddy. Then click install.

Third method is the most satisfying one. You can drag and drop the .deb file into the Eddy GUI and click install will dot the rest of the job.

Tell me your thoughts and share if any better way available for installing .deb files in your elementary OS

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